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4 Tips To Healthy Healing Post-Surgery

Most of us don’t look forward to surgery, but oftentimes it is non-negotiable. The best we can do is to prepare ourselves for a speedy recovery! The more we ready ourselves for post-surgery healing, the easier the recovery may be on our bodies.

Here are 4 tips to restore your body to be as good as new!

Follow the doctor’s instructions.

Make sure you see your doctor when scheduled and closely follow their advice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be honest about how you’re feeling.

Eat correctly.

Consume foods packed with protein, vitamin-C and iron to help rebuild your muscles and tissues.

Ask your doctor about appropriate supplements.

Common suggestions for post-surgery supplements are vitamin B, Bromelain, and Arnica, as well as probiotic supplements. These can be used to reduce bruising or risk of infection.

Move around, carefully.

To maintain mobility, keep moving. Be sure to listen to your body, as you do not want to over do it.


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