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Arthoscopic Knee Surgery

What Is Knee Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery or Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that orthopedic surgeons use to further explore and evaluate a joint problem. Sometimes, a physical exam and imaging tests like an MRI or CT scan don’t provide conclusive results. The surgeon will then elect to do an arthroscopic procedure to diagnose a knee issue. Once diagnosed, arthroscopy can also be used to surgically repair a joint or to remove a loose piece of bone from the joint.

Where can I have this done?

Arthroscopy is routinely performed on the hip, shoulder, ankle-elbow, wrist and knee. To perform the diagnostic procedure, the surgeon will make a single small incision (about a quarter-inch) in your knee. Then use a viewing instrument called an arthroscope to look inside your joints at the surfaces and cartilage, and to also explore the ligaments and tissues that surround the joint. The scope contains a light and video capability for the surgeon to record magnified images of your knee joint. A tourniquet will likely be placed around your leg to temporarily restrict blood flow for better viewing. Finally, the surgeon might collect a biopsy tissue sample for further analysis. Any remaining debris will be flushed out with saline, and your surgeon may inject a steroid to reduce swelling before closing the incisions with stitches.

If you’re undergoing arthroscopy for surgical repair, this method is a much less invasive option than traditional open surgery which requires a larger incision. As such, arthroscopy is done on an outpatient basis meaning no overnight hospital stay, costs less, and is less painful and easier to recover from.

SwiftPath Technique

Effective pain management is very important. Stress caused by constant pain interferes with the body’s ability to properly heal. SwiftPath offers patient education and up-front preparation for surgery and will strengthen the muscles around the knee joint before surgery. After the operation, it teaches patients to avoid the most common causes of pain. Patients are also taught stretching and exercises that relieve pain specific to their injury. In turn, patients take much lower doses of non-narcotic medication after the surgery.

We specialize in a specific type of knee arthroscopic surgical repair known as SwiftPath Knee Surgery. The technique combines a minimally invasive state-of-the-art arthroscopy with non-narcotic pain control and a post-surgery online tool to monitor patient progress. Traditional knee joint surgery is very painful and involves months of recovery. Patients take strong pain medication and are usually not mentally and emotionally prepared for the long recovery time. Furthermore, addiction to pain meds is a risk. Contact us Today to schedule an appointment!


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