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Football Season Injuries

The time is coming for football pads to be broken out at high schools all around. Being a sport with one of the highest risks of injury due to it being such a high-impact sport, it is one of the reasons we wanted to make you aware of injuries that can come from the game that many love to play and spectate all over. Here are a couple of the most common injuries related to the sport – without touching on head injuries.

ACL & MCL Injuries The ACL is mostly injured during front or rear impact, and the MCL is injured when it is impacted from the side.  These injuries can be slight, but then again surgery might be the only answer and it is definitely season ending for the player. Knee braces are not a bad idea.

Torn Meniscus A common injury in many sports due to it happening when feet stay planted and the movement of the body continue in the knee, twisting and tearing the meniscus. Hard to avoid, but proper technique and drills for safety can make a player aware of how they react and perform.

Ankle Sprains & Strains What could be called the most common injury of all time when it comes to sports. Ankles are highly susceptible to soft tissue damage when changing direction, pivoting, stepping wrong and putting too much pressure on the joint.

Again, these are just a few of the many injuries that can happen from football, or any sport for that matter.

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