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Relieve Pain from Herniated Discs with Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Herniated discs, also known as ruptured or slipped discs, can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from extreme pain and discomfort to weakness and numbness that affects the arms and legs. When the symptoms you experience start to interfere with your day-to-day life, it is time to seek help from an orthopedic surgeon. Discover what treatment options may be recommended by an orthopedic surgeon to help correct your herniated disc.

Non-Surgical Options to Try to Relieve Herniated Disc Pain Patients who experience minor pain and discomfort from a herniated disc may not need surgery. An orthopedic surgeon may recommend trying non-surgical treatment options such as physical therapy, use of medications, exercise, and chiropractic care.

Find Pain Relief with Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery In situations where non-surgical treatment options do not provide relief or when the herniated disc is considered severe, the only way to find relief from pain and discomfort is with surgery. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, most surgeries for herniated discs use minimal access spinal technologies, otherwise known as MASTs. Minimal access spinal technologies allow surgeons to correct the herniated disc without the need for a lengthy, invasive surgical procedure. When using MASTs, a surgeon is able to quickly perform the procedure by through a small incision.

Some minimally invasive spinal surgeries that are used to correct herniated discs include: ● Discectomy ● Cervical corpectomy ● Laminoplasty ● Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion ● Spinal laminectomy

Sometimes a person will need to undergo a combination of these procedures as there are multiple herniated discs that need to be corrected.

Why Patients Choose MAST Procedures for Herniated Discs

Not every person likes the idea of having to undergo surgery. However, the numerous benefits of MAST procedures for herniated discs will have even the most reluctant patient think about undergoing surgery.

Some of the benefits patients receive from MAST procedures include:

● Ability to quickly return to performing normal activities ● Post-op pain is often less intense than open, invasive surgery ● Less damage occurs to the surrounding skin and muscles ● Post-op rehabilitation is easier and less intense ● Use of a small incision results in smaller, less noticeable scars ● Low chance of experiencing extreme blood loss during surgery ● No need for overnight hospital stays as MAST procedures are often done as an outpatient procedure

Interested in learning if you are a good candidate for minimally invasive surgery for herniated discs? Call Orthopedic Research Clinic of Alaska to schedule an appointment to meet with an experienced orthopedic surgeon to discuss possible treatment options.


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