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Running in Cold Weather

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting colder. This can only mean one thing – winter is coming.

During these colder months of fall you want to continue getting outdoors and exercising.

Here are a few tips for running in cold weather.

Gear up

You’re going to want to protect your feet from cold, wet slush. So make sure your shoes are water repellant and wear warm socks. The rest of your body may stay a decent temperature since you are exercising, but wearing layers is a great way to be prepared. Don’t forget your fingers and ears, wear gloves and a hat or ear muffs.

Stay visible

As the days get shorter, the amount of daylight decreases. Make sure your gear has reflective tape or wear a night-light to ensure that drivers can see you at all times.

Be aware of conditions

We all want to stay in shape, but sometimes it is best to stay in. If weather is too extreme, opt for a different workout. Sometimes certain weather conditions require special equipment as well, such as ice grips for your shoes.

It is great to get out there and enjoy the winter, just remember to stay safe and be prepared.


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