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Summer Fun for Seniors

The heat! This summer has been crazy for the completely non-typical heat we are having, but who is loving it? I think a lot of us are, but we also need to remember that since we aren’t used to it, we need to be extra careful. Especially if you might be part of the aging crowd! The fun isn’t ruined, but careful planning is needed so that it can truly be enjoyed by all.

Soaking up the all-important vitamin D during summer months is easy during the summer here. It is necessary for the brain, bones, and muscles! Just going outside to sit is a choice, but going for a walk is also a great idea. Just keep in mind some of the following things when out and about:

  1. Obstacles (rocks, downed trees, slippery ground)

  2. Wheelchair access

  3. Bathrooms in the vicinity

  4. Benches for fatigue

  5. Shade

  6. Hydration

The bottom two are extremely important, and you need to take it just a step or two further for them.  Shade will be moving – it isn’t always in the same spot as the day goes on. It may not vary by much, but then again, it might.  Make sure that there is a constant source of shade. Hydration needs to be thought about before one is thirsty. Set a timer on a phone to stop and drink water. You don’t want to forget and you want to make sure you bring plenty.

What ideas do you have for outside activity with the older members of your family?


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