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Surgical Procedures Help Relieve Pain from Spinal Deformities

The spine is supposed to have a very subtle curve when looked at from the side and it will appear extremely straight when looked directly at the front.

Unfortunately for some people their spines do not appear this way. Some people have spines that are extremely bent or appear to rotate in a certain direction.

These problems are called spinal deformities. Spinal deformities can be extremely painful. Luckily, the pain can be relieved by undergoing surgery to stabilize and reconstruct the spine so it no longer curves, twists, or bends in the wrong direction.

Different Types of Spinal Deformities

What Causes A Spinal Deformity?

Spinal deformities can happen to anyone at any age. Some spinal deformities are congenital, which means they were present at birth, while others are caused by injuries, accidents, or other health problems.

Most Common Spinal Deformities

The most common types of spinal deformities are: Scoliosis - sideways curvature of the spine Lordosis – a spine that has a lower back that is curved inward Kyphosis – rounded upper back

How Spinal Deformities are Treated by an Orthopedic Surgeon 

An orthopedic surgeon can perform a number of surgical procedures to reconstruct and stabilize your spine. The type of procedure that is performed will vary depending upon the type of spinal deformity, your previous health history, your age, and other factors.

Common Spinal Deformity Surgery Procedures

Common spinal surgeries used to correct spinal deformities include: Osteotomy – designed to remove some of the bones that are located along the vertebral arch. Removing the bones can correct curvatures of the spine caused by kyphosis. Pedicle subtraction osteotomy – used to correct extreme cases of kyphosis. This procedure is often combined with osteotomy. Vertebral column resection – removes the entire vertebra so that an extreme curve of the spine can be corrected and the spinal cord is stabilized Spinopelvic fixation – stabilizes the base of the spine to prevent the spine from continuing to curve or twist. Stabilization is done by inserting screws or rods into the base of the spine.

Do You or A Loved One Suffer From A Spinal Deformity in Anchorage, AK?

Orthopedic Research Clinic of Alaska is experienced in diagnosing and treating back pain & spinal deformities. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our orthopedic surgeons to discuss back & spine treatment options that will help reduce any back pain you are experiencing from a spinal deformity.


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