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The Benefits of SwiftPath Knee Surgery

The Benefits of SwiftPath Knee Surgery

The SwiftPath knee surgery combines cutting edge surgical techniques and in-depth patient education to produce positive patient outcomes and reduce recovery time significantly.

1. Patient Education

One of the greatest benefits of a SwiftPath knee surgery is the patient education program. It keeps patients informed every step of the way and encourages them to actively engage in the process. Patient engagement helps increase open and honest communication, which benefits both the patient and the knee surgeon.

2. Assigned Caregiver/Coach

The SwiftPath Method also calls for a trained caregiver or coach who is with the patient, helping them every step of the way both before and after surgery. These coaches help patients prepare for their surgery physically and mentally. They also assist them in caring for their new joint post-surgery, which decreases re-injury rates and the length of the patient’s hospital stay.

3. Shorter Hospital Stays

SwiftPath knee surgery often results in same-day or short stay total joint replacement. The more prepared a patient is for surgery and post-operative care, the shorter their hospital stay and recovery period. This lessens the risk of secondary infections and also increases patient mood and experience. Shorter hospital stays are also more economic for the hospital. The shorter a patient’s stay, the fewer medications, man-hours, and treatments must be expended on them. SwiftPath knee surgeries cut hospital stays – and costs! – by 70%.

4. Fewer Medications and Narcotics

Because SwiftPath patients are educated in how to care for their knee joint post-surgery, they require fewer medications and narcotics. This makes the recovery process less expensive and less painful and reduces the risk that a patient will become dependent on prescription pain-killers.

5. State of the Art Technology

State of the art technology and IT infrastructure allow SwiftPath surgeons to conduct computer-assisted knee surgeries that cause significantly less trauma to the joint than traditional knee surgery. This cuts back on the length of recovery as well as the level of pain experienced by the patient.

6. Swift Recovery

SwiftPath knee surgery is so efficient and effective that it is a viable option for younger patients who still want to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

For more information on SwiftPath knee surgery, contact us today at 907-644-6055.


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