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Weight Training Beginner Tips

Stepping into a weight room can be pretty intimidating. This “newbie” feeling should not stop you from wanting to reach your goal of a healthy lifestyle, or whatever your end result desired is. Everyone started somewhere – and now it is your turn.

Ask The Staff If you think you know how to do something, you should probably ask. Injury normally occurs from doing something improperly. Most gyms offer free sessions to get you used to the equipment they offer, and they can show you variations to fit your needs, or past history of an injury.

Start Small It is better to add weight then to start with too much and risk injury. Start with a light weight and do about 10 repetitions. Seems too easy? Add some weight. Seem about right? Stay where you are and build from there with time. If you are feeling exhaustion in your muscles after 10 repetitions, you are where you need to be.

Progression You have to work your way up. You can’t just jump in. This goes hand-in-hand with the “start small” mentioned above. Instead of maybe upping the weight you are lifting, try increasing the reps. You may find that you will still have a challenge with the same weight and more reps. Once you can do more reps at the same weight comfortably – then move on up the next weight.

Regardless of what your end goals are, you have to start somewhere. Be patient, ask questions, and you will succeed.


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