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What is SwiftPath Surgery?

What is SwiftPath Surgery?

Patient Optimization and Education

SwiftPath knee surgery utilizes in-depth educational programs for patients and medical professionals alike in order to better surgical outcomes. The SwiftPath method operates on the belief that delivering concise, easy-to-understand information to patients decreases communication errors and complications, and helps to speed recovery and reduce post-surgery pain. Patient engagement has been proven to reduce miscommunication that can be harmful to the patient’s health.

Prior to SwiftPath knee surgery, patients are given a “Patient Guide” by their knee surgeon and they are required to attend a “JointCamp” with their highly trained caregiver or coach. Patients are taught how to prep for their knee surgery and they are trained in how to best care for their knee after surgery, which improves rehabilitation and reduces the length of their hospital stay.

SwiftPath Surgeon Education

SwiftPath surgeons are also highly trained in the latest joint replacement technology and techniques available. The SwiftPath MIS/Zonal Method Courses use a highly realistic simulation with a state of the art cadaver table or artificial leg. The SwiftPath method allows surgeons to train other surgeons in technique, periarticular injections, and multimodal pain management.

Who Founded SwiftPath?

Dr. Craig McAllister founded the SwiftPath method in Washington State. He has over thirty years of experience in the orthopedic field, and specifically in the research and development of minimally invasive surgical techniques and medical devices. He partnered with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, who has a passion for programming and building cutting edge IT infrastructure meant to further medical science.

Who Are the Best Candidates for SwiftPath?

The best candidates for SwiftPath knee surgery are patients who need minimally invasive knee replacements or repairs, and who are able to attend and complete the required SwiftPath training. Patient participation is the single most important factor in achieving results through the SwiftPath method.


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