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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Anchorage, AK

Orthopedic Research Clinic of Alaska

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from a patient's blood. A sample is taken in clinic and run through a centrifuge which separates the PRP from the rest of the blood. The platelets are suspended with additional fluid called plasma. Together, platelets and plasma have multiple growth, healing, and anti-inflammatory benefits when injected at an injury site.

What are PRP Injections Used to Treat?

Applications: Participating in a tennis elbow study, we found PRP therapy improved the elbow in over 90% of patients. Patellar tendinitis (pain from diseased tendons under the kneecap commonly referred to as jumpers' knee) showed favorable results when patients performed physical therapy following PRP therapy. For rotator cuff tears, we have used PRP therapy in conjunction with surgery. Our literature supports that patients treated with this adjunct have had better outcomes. Using PRP in all our total-joint surgeries results in a very low infection rate (<1%). When used to treat osteoarthritis, we see about 12 months of lasting anti-inflammatory symptomatic relief. The bottom line, PRP can help keep you moving and active.


There is site specific rehabilitation processes and guidance provided to our PRP patients. Give us a call for a consultation to see if PRP is right for you!

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Injections

Is PRP Treatment Right For You?

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