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SwiftPath Joint Replacement Surgery in Anchorage, AK

Quick & Affordable Joint Replacement Treatments

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The SwiftPath System

Best Joint Replacement Procedure

Orthopedic Research Clinic of Alaska has been an early adaptor of the Swiftpath system for total joint replacements.  

Get Quick Recovery After Surgery

Patients who are fairly healthy, motivated, and have a support system have been getting their total joint replacements without needing to stay in the hospital.   Patients attend a Joint Camp teaching seminar with a member of the surgical team to go over all the aspects of their procedure.  They have preoperative physical therapy to be ready to walk shortly after surgery.


Experience Less Pain & Minimal Drug Use

Surgeries are done with computer assistance for knees and with radiographic documentation for hips while making great efforts to reduce pain while minimizing the use of opioids .  A new injectable numbing medicine is only available in Alaska at surgery centers allows pain to be greatly reduced for up to 72 hours.  We encourage minimal use of narcotics and some of our patients don’t take any.

Highly Recommended By Patients

Our results for the last 100 patients demonstrate a satisfaction score of 9.7 out of 10 with patients getting off of narcotics in 4 weeks and going back to work in 5 weeks.  Also, we have no dislocations or deep wound infections. 

Why Choose the SwiftPath Surgery System?

Swiftpath surgery helps total joint patients to have better outcomes, less cost, and earlier return to work with few complications.

Want to Learn More About the SwiftPath Joint Replacement Surgery?

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