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Your Hip Is A Pivotable Joint To Our Body, Working Together With Tendons, Bones, And Muscles Collectively To Move The Body And Propel Us Through Life, Which Is Why Mobility Is Crucial.


The knee is an articulating joint, which means opposing bone areas are covered by a layer of firm and elastic cartilage so that the desired knee function is fulfilled properly, easily and without friction.


The elbow is a hinge joint, much like the knee and hip, where two bones of the forearm (radius and ulna) meet the bone of the upper arm (humerus). 


The shoulder is a classic “ball and socket” joint that allows basic arm functions such as rotating and hinging. Common shoulder conditions include damaged tendons that cover the shoulder joints such as torn rotator cuffs or broken bones such as the clavicle.


the wrist is a complicated joint where the mobility is influenced by its composing anatomy. Common injuries include osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis affecting the joints, inflammation of the tendon sheaths, and carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Mobility between the foot and ankle is crucial, and the foot and ankle complex is a complicated hinge joint. Common foot and ankle injuries include ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis.


SwiftPath is a comprehensive program using proven methods to achieve superior results in joint replacement. You, the patient, and your active involvement in your joint replacement care, is proven to be one of the most powerful predictors of success. The SwiftPath Method equips you with the knowledge and tools that you need.

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