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Avoid A Summer Softball Season Full of Injuries


Back – this is most common in those who find themselves behind the batter as the catcher.  These people are constantly squatting and leaning forward for longer periods of time.  Muscle strains and lower back pains are associated with this due to overreaching and quick jolts to the body.

Knee – any sport with sudden starting and stopping will involve knee injuries.  Players need to beware of the dreaded ACL and MCL injuries along with tendonitis.  This is a problem in the knees that can be brought about with overuse and lack of proper stretching.  Let’s face it, when the sport is recreational most people don’t take it very seriously.

Elbow – a very common area of injury in softball players.  Injuries occur from overuse and over exertion.  People really want to get that ball to the next player and tend to use excessive force to get it there.  Take your time and don’t try to wear out your talent.

These three areas of your body can be guarded from injury with proper warm-up, stretching and throwing practice. Taking the time to use proper form in all of the positions that you will be playing in is also important. You may not think it should be taken seriously when it is for fun, but when an injury occurs you might have wish you did!

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