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Discussing Debridement

If you are suffering from joint pain in the wrist, knee, or shoulder you could be a good candidate for a debridement. A debridement procedure allows our doctor to remove damaged tissue and clean tendons in the joint. The benefit of this procedure is to improve the remaining healthy tissue by getting rid of the dead tissue that is hampering movement and flexibility. Learn more about how we use debridement here at the Orthopedic Research Clinic of Alaska.

Debridement Types

We provide three types of debridement at ORCA. Patients who have shoulder pain and lost the mobility of their shoulder can undergo this treatment. We also offer a meniscus debridement for individuals suffering a tear in their meniscus. This type of knee repair is also known as an arthroscopic meniscus debridement. A tendon debridement in the wrist is useful for managing tendinitis associated with repetitive use of the hands and wrist.

How Debridement is Done

When we conduct a debridement, we begin with anesthesia for the patient. Then our surgeon proceeds to make tiny incisions in the area to be treated. Using a minuscule camera the surgeon identifies the location of the damaged or dead tissue and ligaments. After flooding the area with fluid, the surgeon proceeds to repair or remove the affected tissue, ligaments, and cartilage as needed. Stitches then close the wound.

When Debridement is Needed

A debridement is the best option for patients who have undergone conservative treatments without success. Debridement surgery is also beneficial for patients who have torn ligaments that need repair. One exception is a debridement of the meniscus. Since this ligament cannot be repaired, a debridement is used to remove the meniscus altogether.

If you are suffering from joint pain and have tried other surgical procedures and treatments, it may be time to choose debridement. At the Orthopedic Research Clinic in Alaska our orthopedic surgeon Dr. Vermillion is an expert in cartilage restoration. Contact our office at 907-644-6055 to request an appointment for a consultation here.

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