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Prevent Lower Back Pain While Fishing

You know that it can happen. Lower back pain will come after a few long days of deep sea fishing fun – or even just one! Here are a couple ways you can still catch the fish, but avoid injury that can come after.

Bend Backwards. You will find yourself leaning forward a lot and bending over. Counteract these motions with the same motion, only backwards.  After each fish you catch, try and remember to lean back to stretch those muscles.

Follow Your Fish. Do not twist and turn your torso out of shape. Move with the fish, and this means your feet! Staying with your fish, and in front of it if you can, will help keep your fish on the line as well. Avoiding sudden sideways movements that can cause stress to your back is extremely important.

Stagger Your Feet & Use Your Legs. This allows you to keep a more upright position when trying to reel in your fish.  This will also prepare you for that tug (hopefully it is big!) when it does come. You will also want to use your legs if the waves are not too big to try and eliminate back pains.  Sit back and bend your knees then reel in as you straighten them. Sitting back will counter the forward weight of the fish, and it will save you from getting into a painful situation!

Hopefully these couple of tips will help alleviate some pains that you have felt in the past. Let us know how some of these work for you if you can!


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